Slow, better, further

Silver quartzite

Medicinal herbs and minerals can improve your life. Extracts from healing herbs and minerals can activate a self-healing process. In this way, human strength is stimulated and energy is triggered. The Hostess Szilvia can help you in relaxing by introducing you to the slow-motion-technique based on silver quartzite.

Powerful, energizing, vital

Prana therapy

Prana is vital strength and represents the link between matter, consciousness and spirit. Prana therapy is based on the assumption that diseases are caused by bodily energetic imbalances. The deep “cleaning” and revitalisation of the body accelerates self-healing. The Hostess Szilvia is a prana therapy specialist.

Habits, transformations, ways-out

Metamorphic method

The concept “metamorphosis” originates from the Greek language and means changing. The metamorphic method triggers the self-healing and human creativity. By a light touch, the attention of the reflecting points corresponding to spine, hands and head is activated. The healing potential of the treated person is thus self-activated. The Hostess Szilvia is the facilitator who will help you to free your energy.

Moving, meditating, harmonising

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is deeply rooted in the Chinese tradition and represents vital energy and body exercise. In the Qi Gong practice, various movements are regularly repeated, stretching the body and activating blood circulation, synovial fluid and lymph. Practicing Qi Gong activates a prevention effect, stimulates the natural self-healing attitude of the body and it improves quality of life. The Hostess Szilvia is also a specialised Qi Gong trainer.