living at the Dietrichhof

the host family

living simply

The Rauter family lives their hospitality with honesty and enthusiasm. Reinhard is a farmer with heart and soul, as a farmer he is especially connected to the earth and the animals. His wife Szilvia takes care of the guests with full energy, house and also works with alternative application methods. Their sons Alex and Aron were born in 2006 and 2013. The boys are familiar with the annual cycles on the farm and actively help out or like to romp around outdoors. They carry on and live our visions and philosophy.

the farmstead

According to Nature

In addition to the approximately 30 Braunvieh cows and calves, there are also chickens on the farm, the rabbit gang Lili, Semi, Peter and Lotta, together with the farm dog Leo and the two cats Luna and Findus. They are the stars with the small and also the big guests.

Our livestock is not only our livelihood, but a significant part of our whole life. We treat our animals with respect and take care of each and every one of them with dedication and joy. When farmer Reinhard goes to milk at dawn or in the afternoon, you are welcome to accompany him.  You can watch and he will gladly tell you many things about our everyday life and our animals.

We make it possible for you to have an unforgettable feel-good and relaxing holiday in the midst of nature.

A gift with ♥

Animal Sponsorship

Dear guest,

We would like to introduce ourselves. We all – cows, cats, chickens and rabbits – belong to the Dietrichhof and enjoy our life here. We cannot introduce ourselves by name. There are too many of us. You are welcome to get to know us personally and become  our godparent. Then we can tell you more about us, if you listen carefully. Feel free to ask Reinhard and Szilvia about godparenthood. We promise that you will definitely get a photo of us. We are am looking forward to meeting you.

Kindest regards

surrounding area

The journey towards oneself and the others

A third of the population in Velturno/Feldthurns lives from agriculture: at the bottom of the valley vineyards and orchards are cultivated, whereas higher up, farming is to be found.
You can lay back and relax while you are walking, hiking, sun-bathing, eating or simply enjoying the local culture.
In the centre of Velturno/Feldthurns – which towers the towns of Chiusa/Klausen and Bressanone/Brixen – you can find the Castle. Velturno/Feldthurns Castle used to be the summer residency of the prince bishops of Bressanone/Brixen. You can freely take part in the local various cultural activities. By using our free Wi-Fi you can connect and find out more about the calendar of local events during your staying.
We are more than happy to arrange for you or with you hiking tours or simply walks.


4 seasons


Experience the awakening of nature and enjoy the scent of spring.

A time when, if you have open senses, you can hear the plants growing.

Our body and soul recover through purification and fasting.


Feel the warm rays of the sun and breathe in the fresh air in the mountains during mountain hikes.

Time for fresh air, blue skies and bright sunshine. Best of all on a walk. Best of all on a walk without time or destination.


Enjoy autumn with its blaze of colour.

Tonnes of leaves sail peacefully to the ground, covering paths and roads, transforming the world into a colourful scene of the cycle of life.

Indulge your palate according to the old South Tyrolean tradition at the Törggelen in the surrounding taverns with simple dishes from the farmer’s kitchen, regional wine, butcher’s platters with sur meat, sauerkraut, sausages, dumplings, as well as doughnuts and chestnuts.


Winter time is quiet time.

It is a contemplative time of year and the darkness can give us peace and bring us to reflection.

Enjoy the fairytale landscape and if someone likes it more adventurous, they can enjoy the day nearby with skiing, snowshoeing or tobogganing.

A winter experience full of variety!

We are happy to give you tips for finding the right hikes, activities, sports opportunities or simply relaxing walks for all 4 seasons.