At the “Dietrichhof a bsunderes Platzl” we encounter sustainability every day.

According to the motto: “Be yourself the change you wish to see in this world”.

At the “Dietrichhof a bsunders Platzl” in Feldthurns, we cultivate a natural, honest and authentic approach to our guests. This already starts in the sustainable, extraordinary construction method.

We have tried to preserve our old barn as far as possible in its basic structure and its special flair. The barn protects our straw pavilions from wind and weather. Straw as a building material is very well suited for ecological house building. It protects the environment: carbon dioxide is bound during the growth of the grain, the material is procured without great transport effort and it does not require energy-intensive processing.

We want to lead our Dietrichhof into a sustainable future. We are certainly far from reaching our goal, but we are on our way, step by step, together with our whole family and our guests.


House & Equipment

  • Natural building material
  • Reused building material
  • Woodchip plant: environmentally friendly heating
  • Nature-friendly cleaning agents
  • Careful waste separation
  • Disposable bath slippers only as required
  • We do without plastic and packaging wherever possible, although there is certainly still potential for optimisation here


Food & Drink

  • There is room for our own produce on our breakfast table/basket.
  • 80 % of our farm produce is home-grown
  • Regional and seasonal quality products from surrounding farms
  • We bake bread ourselves or use fresh bread from the village bakery
  • We offer a large selection of organic teas



  • We are happy to pick up our guests from the bus stop or train station if required.
  • Public transport with our inclusive Klausen Card is free of charge. There is a bus stop 1.5 km from our house. Buses take you both in and out of the valley and thus enable numerous excursions in the surrounding area.
  • Hiking possibilities directly from the Dietrichhof

building with straw bales

Made of clay and straw

Straw bales are a far better insulating material compared to traditional bricks and they are biodegradable.

Clay is one of the most ancient building materials in the world. By combining clay and straw the result is just over the top. The climate in the rooms is stimulating. Smells are absorbed and humidity is balanced at 50%.

If we treat our environment with respect,
then we can continue to hike in our mountains for a long time, enjoy their magnificent beauty
and preserve them for our descendants in the way we love them!