Dietrichhof farmstead in Snodres

Off the village and away from disturbing noises, we have set up our four new apartment pavilions with traditional building materials within our ancient hayloft. At Dietrichhof’s, heart and soul find their peace and regeneration, while our guests will feel to be on heaven. Pure relax.

Dietrichhof is located in the lower Isarco (Eisack) Valley mountain range, at the heart of South Tyrol, in Velturno/Feldthurns, a town at 1,200 mt above sea level. Our farmstead is the first one ever to have deployed high quality silver quartzite for its structure. You will be hosted by nature’s good friends, such as Szilvia and Reinhard Rauter with their kids Alex and Aron.

A peculiar spot

We love peace and respect. Tradition and modernity find here their balance. Healthy living is essential for us, therefore we have built four pavilions for our guests respecting eco-principles and using only straw, wood and clay. Each unit is essential but fully equipped and furnished, and completely barrier-free and set up in accordance with the four elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water. In the morning you can enjoy a rich breakfast, and all day long we are always there for you.

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The different apartments, made of natural building materials
We live by the laws of nature and have dedicated ourselves to tradition and simplicity.

Man is part of the universe, integrated into a great whole, he carries heaven and earth within him.


Living with the 4 ELEMENTS

Fire, earth, water and air have an enormous influence on the balance and health of our organism and are part of the universe. Therefore it is also important to bring the four elements into balance for energy, strength, peace and power.

Fire, earth, water and air have an enormous influence on the balance and health of our organism and are part of the universe. Therefore, it is also important for us to bring the four elements into balance in order to gain energy, strength, peace and power.

The pavilions are built and designed with the help of natural element earth. The holiday flats were built with spruce and larch wood from the surrounding forests and with certified organic straw bales. High-quality lime was used for the outer shell and the unique clay walls create a wonderful room atmosphere. Earth gives us peace and strength. Come to your senses and feel the energy of the earth – this is especially possible during forest bathing… A short walk into the nearby forest, take a deep breath, feel the soft moss with your bare feet.

rale terra. Gli appartamenti per vacanze sono stati costruiti con legno di abete rosso e larice proveniente dalle foreste circostanti e con balle di paglia biologica certificata. Per l’involucro esterno è stata utilizzata calce di alta qualità e le pareti in argilla, uniche nel loro genere, creano un’atmosfera meravigliosa. La Terra ci dà pace e forza. Ritrovare i sensi e sentire l’energia della terra – questo è possibile soprattutto durante il bagno nella foresta… Una breve passeggiata nella foresta vicina, fare un respiro profondo, sentire il muschio morbido con i piedi nudi.

Nature element fire stands for self-confidence and energy, it awakens a zest for action and a love of life. Fire is a source of warmth and light. When the sun sinks into the evening red and disappears in the firmament behind the orange glowing Dolomite Geisler peaks, it immerses the whole landscape in a red-hot energy field. Let yourself be heated up and feel the fire during a unique visit to a sauna hut.

The natural element water is the source of all life. Life without water is not possible. We pamper you with our high quality spring water. It is simply a pleasure. Water stands for strength and refreshment. A shower in summer, a quiet lake or a rushing stream. Time spent by or in the water is a blessing for body and soul. Early in the morning, take the time to enjoy the peace and quiet while stepping on the dew. A refreshing arm bath at the water trough is a pleasure, especially on warm summer days!

The natural element of air embodies lightness and freedom. Fresh air feels good when the wind blows around your nose and oxygen flows through your throat into your lungs. Breathe in … breathe out. Conscious breathing reduces stress and releases happiness hormones. Get out into nature and breathe consciously and enjoy. Qigong exercises support the free flow of breath and lead us into relaxation.

Everything that exists in the world is based on the 4 basic elements. These bring forth nature and are consequently also found in every single living being.


We are happy to share our PLACE OF ENERGY with you

YOU want to leave everyday life behind you?

YOU want to recharge your energies?

YOU are looking for rest and relaxation?

On our farm you can find a good combination of positive energies, contemplation, appreciation of nature and a place of silence.

Different sources of energy meet here, enabling you to dive into the world of rest and relaxation.

As Theodor Fontane said: “The more freely you breathe, the more you live”.

We cordially invite you to be our guest!

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